How to Boost Your Conversions With These Landing Page Tricks

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A Landing Page is a unique page on your website where the visitor arrives after clicking on your ad. It is specially designed for a single focused conversion goal. Hence, a landing page is designed, written and developed with one business goal in mind.

Landing Pages are a very significant element of your PPC marketing strategies. They are the first step towards the conversion funnel. And they also have the potential of converting your website visitors into leads and sales.

You can always benefit from high converting landing pages because high converting landing pages mean more conversions, more conversions mean more customers and more customers lead to more profits.

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Here, the question arises that, Do all landing pages have the potential of delivering more conversions?

The answer to this question is NO!

Not all the landing pages have the potential of fetching high conversions.

The difference between the landing pages that deliver higher conversions and those who don’t is the optimization process.

There is lot more to do then to just create a website, PPC ads and a landing page.

Taking the fact into consideration that there is room for improvement, almost all the elements of a PPC campaign including the landing page needs to be optimised.

In this blog post, I am going to discuss some amazing Landing Page tricks that will help you to boost your conversions.

1. Write Killer Headlines

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A headline is the first thing in the Landing Page that grabs the attention of the visitor and that is why they can either make or break your landing page.

Make sure that the headline is strong enough to hold their attention so that the visitors on your landing page stay for long enough to see your offer.

According to one study, 8 out of 10 people read the headline and only the rest of the two read the entire offer.

Thus, creating an attention-grabbing headline becomes relatively important.

Apart from creating a headline that grabs attention, you also need to make it as concise and possible.

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Since the visitors land on your landing page after clicking on your ads, so to maintain a level of relevance, the headline of your ad copy and that of your landing page should complement each other.

Avoid beating behind the bush and write straightforward headlines in bold to get the user’s attention instantly.

To get a clear understanding of which headlines appeals the most, try testing several headlines as well.

2. Include Images and Videos

A picture tells a thousand words.

The visitors will be attracted immediately if your landing page has clear and appealing images.

Instead of writing huge paragraphs describing the features and benefits of your product/service, you can use images that corresponds well to your product/service.

While using pictures on your landing page, keep certain things into consideration.

The picture should be large, clear and of high-quality. Also, the picture should have relevance with your product/service. If you are selling a physical product, your landing should contain an image of your product.

To make your image more compelling and attractive, tie your headline with the image because the right image merged with the perfect content will initiate more conversions.

Not only images, but videos also have the potential of attracting visitors and then converting them into customers.

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If you are selling a product, you can make demo videos describing its features and benefits along with the uses.

On the other hand, if you are selling an intangible service, then you can add an explainer video that introduces your services to the visitors.

Therefore, the images and videos make your landing page attractive appealing.

So, the more your potential customers like your landing page, the more likely they will convert.

3. Emphasize on the Benefits and the USP

In layman’s language, a benefit is an advantage or profit that is gained from something.

In a marketing context, benefits are the advantages or profits that the customers get when they use your products/services.

When the customers search for any kind of product or service, they are more interested in the benefits that the products/services provide rather than the features.

Thus, while creating a landing page, it is always preferred to portrait the benefits of the products.

Another element that holds equal importance as the benefits is the Unique Selling Proposition a.k.a. USP.

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The USP is a factor that gives a concise explanation of your product or service, differentiates your products with those of your competitors and tells why your product/service is the best solution to the customer’s problem.

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You also need to understand your target audience’s pain point and then craft an appealing USP.

4. Add Social Proof (Testimonials)

A lot of studies have incorporated the fact that majority of customers look at the product or service reviews before buying any product and the customers tend to trust the reviews and testimonials more than the product descriptions.

You need credibility so that your customers can trust the product/service that you are offering to them.

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Before purchasing the product, the customer is in a hypothetical situation and is quite confused on the trust basis.

If they see trustworthy testimonial or a review, they are more likely to get convinced by your offer.

Thus, it can be said that testimonials lead to more conversions.

You can share good quotations from your customers or clients and include their name and picture to add credibility.

It is worthy to note that while laying down the testimonials, avoid short and general testimonials like, “Highly Recommended” or “Great work”. The reason of avoiding the short and general terms in testimonials is that they are very general and tell nothing about your product/service.

Try using some engaging testimonials that actually represent the work that you did for your clients.

Thus, testimonials, social proofs and reviews are a valuable way to gain trust in future customers.

5. Minimize the Distractions

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How about your visitor gets impressed by your ad, clicks on it and arrives at your landing page.

Scans through your landing page discover a lot of stuff, finds it difficult to locate the information and the Call-to-action that he was looking for.

Gets disappointed and leaves the page without completing the desired course of conversion.

The visitor bounced back because of the presence of irrelevant information present on your landing page.

This irrelevant information is known as distractions.

Distractions are conversion killers and instead of letting the visitors focus on the conversion goal, they pull their attention away from the CTA.

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A great distraction could be the presence of multiple CTAs in a landing page. The visitor could get confused between the CTAs and end up leaving the page without even clicking on at least one CTA.

Since the landing page is created for a single conversion objective, hence you should not give your customers a lot of choice on one single landing page.

Because the more options you give to your visitors, the more internal competition you create for your CTA of that particular landing page.

If you have more than multiple offers with respect to your product/service, then creating separate landing pages for each offer is a better choice.

These ways you will be able to minimize the distractions and improve the conversions by making more precise and relevant landing pages.

Remove the irrelevant menu, eliminate the sidebars, take off the not so important images to remove the distractions from the landing pages.

6. A Strong Call-to-Action

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After a visitor appears on your landing page, it is important to let them know what they have to do next.

There arises the need for a strong Call-to-Action. They are basically the action that you want your visitors to take when they are directed to your landing page after clicking on your ad.

The Call-to-Action is the most important element of the landing page as it is the best way to make the users take the desired conversion action.

Call-to-Actions are the key to conversion and an effective CTA attracts the attention of the user and encourages them to complete the action, whether to make a purchase, complete the form, register, sign up for a newsletter or subscribe.

In order to increase the conversion rate, you need to ensure that the CTAs are effective enough.

To make the CTAs effective, you should make the CTA button clear, noticeable with contrasting colours. Also, ensure that the CTA button has a good contrast with the background colour.

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7. Create a Sense of Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency in your landing page is a step towards initiating your customers to purchase your product.

Generally, it is human nature to leave out things for the last minute. Don’t let this nature hamper your conversions.

Do not let a visitor give your product/service a second thought. Persuade them to convert on your landing page as soon as they get there.

Thus, creating a sense of urgency is an effective approach that can be implemented to your landing page so that the visitors convert quickly.

You can create urgency using the time when you give your visitors a time constraint on the offer. With the time limit, the visitors start to have a feeling to act now.

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When you add a specific time, it leverages pressure on the visitor, thus forcing them to make the decision now or lose out forever.

To create urgency you can use the following phrases:

  • Hurry! Only 60 minutes left to buy.
  • This offer ends on October 21st 11:00 AM.
  • Only 1 day left.
  • Limited Offer!
  • Don’t Miss Out.

8. Include Contact Information

To prove that you are legal and valid, it is very important to include your contact information in your landing page.

To make your landing page more persuasive and authoritative, you should include a phone number, a physical address with a map of your location, an email address along with social network links.

Another reason for including your contact information in your landing page is that you are making it more accessible for the visitors to get in touch with you.

The more available you are to your customers, the more you are inviting business from them.

You can also include a pop-up window where one of your customer representatives can ask the customers for any kind of help needed.

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Sometimes, during the course of the conversion path, the customers may face some kind of confusion. If your contact information is already present on the landing page, they can easily contact you without deviating from the conversion process.

9. Be Consistent

Here, consistency implies to the fact that all the information that you provide on your landing page has to be up-to-date.

Any sort of inconsistency or irrelevance in the information of landing page can give a negative impression about your work to your potential customers.

By not updating the information on your landing page, you have just reduced the credibility of your product.

Put proper time and effort on your landing page to make sure that facts and numbers are consistent and up-to-date.

The other element of consistency is about the landing page experience.

When you update the information of your Landing Page, you should keep in mind the users’ comfort level and make sure to improve the user experience.

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Too many changes at once can hamper the comfortability of the users on your landing page. Hence, this will decrease your conversion rates.

The solution to this problem is that you need to only make incremental changes.

Instead of the redesigning the landing page altogether, make gradual changes and improvements that educate the users in a step by step form.

10. Test Your Landing Pages Frequently

A/B testing is that process in PPC marketing that is omnipresent at almost every level.

Also, A/B testing is a compulsory step when it comes to improving the conversions with the Landing Page. Ensure that your landing page editor allows you to A/B test your landing page. This will help you to optimize each and every element of your landing page. This will further enable you to reach your desired level of conversion rate.

You can conduct A/B testing of headlines, images, CTAs, forms, designs and other impactful elements. Click To Tweet

There are certain things to keep in mind when you are A/B testing the Landing Pages.

Do not test more than one element at a time. This will only confuse you and make it difficult for you to understand which change initiated the conversions.

Also do not end your test soon. Give the test ample amount of time to run successfully. Since testing is consistent, thus do not stop testing after you get a successful return.


A landing page is that place where all your efforts are put into action. Landing pages are the first step towards the conversion funnel.

They help you to convert your visitors into customers. So, there arises a strong need for you to optimize landing pages to get more of conversions.

Mentioned above are certain tricks of a landing page that will surely help you to boost your conversions.

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