How To Do Facebook Dynamic Product Ads The Right Way

Facebook has always been a great online platform for the marketers.

The success story of Dynamic Product Ads has proved that Facebook has emerged as an advanced marketing option for e-commerce advertisers.

Though the strategy of marketing through the dynamic ad is not much different from former technology but the technique is quite unique.

Many of the marketers have started designing their own strategies as this new option seems to produce a better outcome.

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What is Facebook Dynamic Product Ad?

You already know about the Carousel ad on Facebook platform. Carousel enables you to feature multiple products in a single ad unit. However, this is a static advertisement.

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This advanced feature only displays relevant products to the target audience.

Without going through the trouble of creating each individual advert, you are free to promote all your products.

This is really a great option to reach the right people with right objective. The cross-device flexibility gives enough flexibility in reaching maximum numbers of people.

The main thing is that people can only see those products that lie in their interest zone. And it is actually the most relevant timely ad on facebook.

Why use facebook Dynamic Product Ad?

This dynamic ad is the future of online advertising platform. And the future is now.

You must know why the marketers are so much excited about this new technology.

1. It saves time

Time is a very much crucial factor for anyone. Once gone, can not be regained.

This is now the old age theory to create different adverts for different products.

If you have your product catalog ready in your hand then more than half of your job is done.

As the catalog has the basic information of each product, you will not have to put them manually.

Hence, the dynamic product ad template saves your valuable time.

2. Target maximum audience

By using dynamic ad you can reach any target audience regardless of what devices they are using.

Dynamic product ads maximize the reach of your advert to your target audience.

3. It saves money by removing out-of-stock products

Initially, it was seen that the ad was still in circulation, even when the item was not in the stock.

To display the ads for a product that is out of stock caused headache to the advertiser as that ad was simply eating up the budget.

But in dynamic product ads, facebook automatically removes the product from the ad which is not in the stock currently.

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4. Helps you to target audience specifically

This new advertising technique enables you to lay a dynamic retargeting strategy.

By knowing what people do on their website, you can now target people with relevant products and offers.

It actually increases the chance of making more sales.

You will be informed about each and every step that an audience take such as, which product has been viewed, or which product has been put into a cart or abandoned.

This actually helps you to draw an outline about the likes and dislikes of the viewers. And this valuable information is enough to target them again to make more sales.

5. Helps you to create more relevant ads

Through dynamic retargeting, you can retarget people, who have not visited your website for a certain period of time.

On the other hand, you can also feature other relevant products and variations to the visitors, who only go through few certain products.

Upon the basis of their onsite interest, you will be able to create more relevant products ads.

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6. Dynamic Custom Audience Pixel-more powerful than ever

Previously, advertisers had to create website custom audience manually to retarget visitors.

However, it was practically a troublesome job for the retailers with thousands of products.

The dynamic pixel takes notes of every activity of each visitor on your site.

Therefore, you can reach the visitors with your dynamic retargeting ad.

Set up Facebook Dynamic Product Ads in Easy Steps

Setting up facebook dynamic product ad is not a tough job though it needs little much technical knowledge.

Follow these simple steps to start your first dynamic product ad campaign-

1. Uploading your Product Catalogue

First of all, you have to get ready with your product catalog.

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If you have worked with Google Shopping Product Feed, then you will find its setup process similar.

Make a list of your products in XML or CSV file, which will contain products names, ID, respective landing pages, image URLs, short descriptions and other information.

Obviously, each column should have its header with the respective attribute.

As Facebook catalog is backward compatible, you may upload your previously created feeds or catalogs.

2. Configuring Pixel of your campaign

Now, you need a little bit of ‘coding’ knowledge here to create your own website custom audience pixel.

If you already have it installed in on your website, you need to introduce few modifications in existing codes.

To make the dynamic ad work better, you must add these three basic attributes in custom audience pixel-

  • View Content
  • Add to Cart
  • Purchase

Though Facebook will give you the pixel but to customize it according to your needs, you should recode it.

It is better to forward it to your website developer for getting perfect customization in the pixel.

3. Setting up Dynamic Ad Template

This is the step that confirms what is going to be displayed before the audience and how it will be shown.

Therefore, make your template ready sincerely.

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You may select either single product format or multi products format template.

You can also customize placeholders on the template as per your catalog product attributes.

4. Starting up the Campaign

Now, your campaign is ready to be shown.

Facebook will now display your products dynamically as per the records of on-site visitor’s behavior.

Facebook uses your website custom’s pixel to pull data on what a visitor is doing on your website. Click To Tweet

And when that visitor opens his facebook account the most relevant product of your website is displayed.

Creating Facebook Dynamic Product Ads using Power Editor

Power editor gives you complete control to easily create and customize facebook ads.

If you do not have it, go to Power Editor and download it.

Then follow the steps below to create your first dynamic ad campaign using Power Editor-

Step 1

Open you power editor account and proceed to create your first campaign.

Step 2

From the Campaigns tab select the radio button ‘create new’ and give it a name.

Now you have to select Product Catalog Sales as objective.

Now click on the Create button to create this new campaign.

Step 3

Go to the Ad Set tab to create a new ad set for this newly created campaign.

Select new ad set and select your new campaign for this ad set.

Give it a name and click on create.

Step 4

In this new Ad set, find the product tab.

Under this product tab, you have to select product catalog (that you have uploaded previously) that you want to use.

Facebook lets you feature your entire catalog. Click To Tweet

However, you can use ‘filter’ to select a certain portion of the catalog.

Click on the ‘create’ button to save your new product set under the new ad set.

Step 5

You have to set your ad budget and schedule for this newly created campaign.

Step 6

This is the most crucial step as this will determine who you are going to target.

You have to select audience behavior to target the sets of visitors- it may be the visitors who abandoned the cart, or just visited your site or viewed a certain range of products.

Step 7

Go to the tab saying ‘Ad’.

Select the campaign and ad set you have just created.

Give your ad a name and click on ‘Create’ button.

Step 8

Select which ad template you want to use- either a single product or multi-product format per ad.

You may use a single image or multi-image for the single product also (as per your requirements).

Keep in mind that the image resolution should be 600×600.

Step 9

Preview your ad to know how your dynamic ad will be shown.

Once you click the ‘Upload’ button your dynamic ad will go live with an immediate effect.

Implementing Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic product ads help you to create highly relevant ad for a specific group of audience.

Therefore, you get much control over what and to whom you want to showcase your products.

You can hire several implementations of dynamic product ads to bring out more conversions from your existing visitor’s database.

It highly depends on how creative you are and how far your imagination can nurture your visitor-behaviors.

You can create several ads formats for targeting audience.

Here are some examples-

Viewed Products

You can reach the visitors who had once viewed products but did not add the products to the cart.

You can approach them with newer offers of newer products lineups.

Abandoned Products

Sometimes people, by any reason added products to cart but did not purchase.

You can also target those people with similar products along with some exciting discounts.

Brand New Products

People are always eager to view brand new products.

Make it your asset and reach out to your visitors with newly launched products.

Make sure you fulfill their desire by targeting their interest.

Encourage Past Customers

It has been seen that the conversion rate is higher from the old customers than the newer.

You already know the onsite behaviors of your old customers.

Therefore, it is a proven marketing strategy to encourage old customers to purchase more from you.

It is a great idea to implement Dynamic Product ads to cross-sell to the existing customers with new products.

Important Notes about Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

1. It is a single ad unit with single or multi products display

It is up to you whether you want to showcase a single item or several.

This is actually a single ad display where you can feature your several products at one go.

But keep in mind, Facebook only displays relevant product to a user based on his behavior on your website.

In multi products ads, each product will come with its own description, price and other attributes. Click To Tweet

2. Do not confuse Facebook Product Ads with Google PLAs

Advertisers, who are familiar with Google Product Listing Ads, may find Facebook Product Ads similar to it. However, they are completely different.

Facebook will not display ads from several advertisers against a single keyword query.

Facebook Dynamic Product ads actually work like Google remarketing. In the dynamic ad, parameters are based on a user’s onsite behavior.

In the dynamic ad, the parameters are based on a user’s onsite behavior. Click To Tweet

If you compare the display space, Google has limited space while Facebook has enough space in the news feed.

3. Facebook Dynamic Product Ad is different from Facebook Exchange

Facebook announced that advertisers can now show Dynamic product ads through retargeting partners through Facebook Exchange.

But you cannot avail the measurement of cross-device conversions through the third party.

4. You must have Business Manager Account

You need to have Business Manager Account as the feeds and product catalogs are managed through this account.


Facebook Dynamic Product ad is another marketing weapon on social media to maximize sales from your website visitors.

Initially, it sounded to be a little bit of technical to configure but finally, the output is great.

For a successful marketing strategy, a marketer has to reach the right people with the right product at right time. And Dynamic product ads gives you the opportunity and the credibility.

However, before you opt for this marketing strategy you should know what you actually want from it on Facebook Platform.

Hopefully, we have given you a comprehensive detail on how you can use the Facebook Dynamic Products Ads to enhance your profitability.

Originally published at on March 18, 2017.

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