Top 10 Reasons Why Your Facebook Campaigns are Failing

1. Wrong Audience Targeting

2. Targeting Too Small Audience

3. Ads are Irrelevant to The Audience

4. Not Setting The Right Campaign Objective

(I) Awareness

(i) Brand Awareness

(ii) Reach

(II) Consideration

(i) Traffic

(ii) Engagement

(iii) App Installs

(iv) Video Views

(v) Lead Generation

(III) Conversions

(i) Conversions

(ii) Product Catalogue Sales

(iii) Store Visits

5. Images Have Lots of Issues

6. Facebook Ads and Landing Page Do Not Correlate

7. Poorly Written Ad Copy

(I) Boring Headline

(II) Not Having A Clear Value Proposition

(III) Ad Text is Not Appealing

(IV) Too Long Ad Text

(V) Having No or Wrong Call-to-Action

(VI) Ads are Stale

8. Ads have been Wrongly Placed

9. Ad Frequency is too high

10. Conducting Inappropriate A/B Testing

(I) Conducting A/B Testing Too Early

(II) Testing Too Many Variations at One Time

(III) Stop A/B Testing At All

Final Thoughts



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